Generally many people like to personalize their favorite songs while enjoying their music. They will organize and control their favourite music to generate various playlists. By playing songs from the defined playlists, users can enjoy their desired musical atmosphere without much interaction and maintenance. For instance, users can create playlists such as 70’s Music playlist, Romantic Songs Playlist, etc. Besides, users can also share their favourite playlists with their friends online.

Like other digital media player applications, Apple’s iTunes also allows users to backup their favourite playlist. Users can back up their favourite iTunes playlist and restore it when they want to play back the songs from the playlist. The backup process in fact is quite simple:

1. Open iTunes.
2. Select one of your playlists from the Source list.
3. From the File menu, choose Export Song List. A Save dialog appears.
4. From the Format pop-up menu, choose XML.
5. Save the chosen playlist in XML format to a place that you can find it easily later.
6. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for other playlists that you have created in iTunes.

Once users have backup their personalized playlists, they can restore them by following these steps: –
1. From the File menu, choose Import.
2. Navigate to and select one of the exported playlist files on the location that you save your playlists
3. Click Choose.
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for other playlist files that you have exported

The above method makes a file showing the list of songs but does not include the songs themselves. If users intend to back up the entire iTunes library to another storage device, users can go to the File Menu and choose Back Up to Disc to backup the songs and playlists.