Frequent travelers should be quite sensitive to the free checked baggage allowance allowed by airlines. Sometimes due to unavoidable conditions, you may need to check in excessive luggage which exceeds the permitted free allowance. Excessive luggage will cause you to pay excess baggage fee. Besides that, excess baggage is accepted subject to space availability for most of the airlines. Hence, probably you may end up leaving your luggage in the airport! Or probably you need to open your bag and repack it. Imagine, it is so embarrassing to expose your belongings in the public and the impatient crowd is staring at you!

To address your needs and reduce the unnecessary problems that might arise in the airport, it is good to invest in a set of this digital luggage scale, Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale. The Balanzza compact digital luggage scale is about 10oz in weight. It is compact, easy to use and small enough to keep or bring along. This tiny digital scale allows users to weigh up to 44Kg or 100lbs. users can loop the scale’s strap around the suitcase handle and life the scale and bag off the ground for a few seconds. Once the scale taken the luggage’s weight, it will notify users with beep sounds. The weight of users’ luggage will be displayed on a large and easy to read screen.

The compact digital scale costs you about $25 only. Just weigh your luggage before going to the airport. The Balanzza compact digital luggage scale will reduce your worry or concern whether your luggage has exceeded the airport weight limit.