In the year 2009, Barbie celebrates a massive milestone, that’s her 50th birthday. As a celebration, Mattel, the toy maker that owns the right to Barbie, has released an MP3 Player in her honor commissioned by INNO Design, which is a unique little player that could double as a cosmetic compact.


The player is shamelessly pink because Barbie would have it no other way. However, it also supposedly available in other colors. This image was dug up from the INNO Design and that was auctioning it in Dubai.



Barbie’s MP3 Player comes with pink hearts, 2GB of storage, FM radio and a mirror to give it that makeup compact look. If that weren’t enough, the device comes with mic input and a necklace strap.

If you happen to go to Melrose Avenue in LA, go to Fred Segal clothing retailer, and you’ll be able to pick one up in person. The MP3 is sold at price range anywhere from $93 to $165.