Ever tire of bringing the dog out for its daily walk or cleaning up its poop? A guard dog is precious but one hardly has time for oneself much less an adorable mutt or a ferocious canine. Moreover, if one desperately needs to guard one’s personal space from prying intruders or gossiping colleagues in places where dogs are banned, a USB-powered guard dog might just do the trick.

The Guard Dog is a novel invention which can be plugged into a USB port or run on three AA batteries to guard your personal space. It is fitted with built-in sensor to detect the presence of others within specific parameters. The dog will bark to alert others of the presence of an intruder. It is fun and makes fun of intrusion or snooping by others without making it too offensive. At $79, the dog may not be worth its bark but dog lovers may not be able to resist snubbing the management and keeping a ‘dog’ in the office after all. The dog is also perfect for single attractive ladies typing away at their notebooks in restaurants and do not want to encourage any pick-me-up lines or unwanted attention.