myvu_univ_info.jpgThey’re cool! They’re mean and black. They look like a pair of 80’s robot sunglasses. They’re the latest cyber rave and they remind you of Peter Weller’s sunshades in RoboCop! Produced by Myvu Corporation, the headset, the Myvu Universal, allows you to watch video when you plug into an iPod or other media players such as mp4Player, DVD player, camcorder, laptop, etc. This Myvu personal media viewer features a small pendant for playback and brightness controls. Its rechargeable battery can last for up to four hours’ viewing time. When you want to have some private viewing experience, just connect this eyewear to your portable media player, sit back and enjoy your favourite video. This portable device plays TV quality video.

Myvu Universal also has some slight blurring on the edges which allow you to see what’s going on around you. How much does it cost? This robot sunglasses lookalike viewer costs US$200.