The Belkin Sports armband suits those who like to carry their iPhone while jogging. This ultra-comfortable Sport Armband is water-resistant and washable. It gives you full protection, easy-navigation to your iPhone or iPod touch, and help to minimizes bulk on your arm.

The Belkin has designed an all-in-one neoprene iPhone case and the armband cannot be detached from one another. It comes with a single thin metal O-ring for adjustment of the Velcro and neoprene band. Belkin has included a small key pocket that’s capable of easily holding a typical gym key or just squeezing in a house key. Belkin also includes an integrated, full-face screen protector to keep iPhone’s face from getting dirty or sweaty while you’re working out, and rings the screen with silver reflective fabric in case you’re out running at night.


* Key pocket
* Clear screen protector allows easy navigation
* Adjustable VELCRO® closure fits many arm sizes
* Slim, lightweight, and stretchable neoprene material
* Reflective material for use in the dark