Japanese electronics manufacturer, Sharp Corporation, has unveiled its new plan to launch a Blu-ray high-definition DVD recorder with a 1-terabyte hard disk drive (HDD) – the world’s largest storage capacity of any Blu-ray recorder so far. With 1-terabyte hard disk drive, the recorder is able to record 127 hours of high-definition digital programming into a single hard disk drive. Prior to Sharp’s 1TB recorder, Toshiba has also offered its HD DVD recorder which features the same amount of storage in June.

This huge storage Blu-ray recorder will go on sale tentatively in early December in Japan. The selling price for this model will be fixed around $2,616. Besides this model, Sharp Corp also highlighted that it will offer another eight new models of Blu-ray recorder by the end of the year in Japan in a bid to replace video cassette recorders and conventional DVD machines.