The world’s leading maker of Bluetooth peripheral devices and accessories, BlueAnt has launched its new fully weatherproof, water-resistant and true hands-free communication system specifically designed for motorcyclists – BlueAnt Stereo F4 Interphone Motorcycle Kit. It’s the fully fledged wireless headset which can easily attach to either full-faced or open-faced helmets to let motor riders enjoy wireless entertainment and mobile phone communication on the road.

BlueAnt interphone_f4

Features of BlueAnt Stereo F4 Interphone:

  • Adjust volume automatically to ensure excellent performance at speeds up to 110 mph
  • True Handsfree lets users answer an incoming call by simply say any word within 10 seconds
  • Bike-to-bike Intercom Mode for rider to passenger communication or intercom communication between 2 riders up to 1640 feet apart
  • Listen to turn-by-turn audio directions from “motorcycle-friendly” Bluetooth GPS devices
  • Automatic voice dialing and redial functionality if supported by the user’s mobile phone
  • Full digital signal processor (DSP) to reduce wind and road noise
  • Pair with up to 8 Bluetooth devices
  • Multipoint technology allows the F4 to connect to two phones at once
  • Stream stereo audio/music from A2DP Bluetooth phones and music players
  • Talk time: up to 10 hours ; Standby time: up to 700 hours

“We are excited to delight yet another group of drivers with the value of voice functionality,” said Taisen Maddern, Executive Chairman of BlueAnt Wireless. “All features are included with the motorcycle enthusiast in mind such as A2DP for wireless music enjoyment, technology to minimize external noise and the ability to withstand exposure from the elements, particularly rain. Whether using the F4 on a solo ride or conversing with other F4 users on a group ride, your trip is going to be that much safer and enjoyable with this communications system.”

BlueAnt Stereo F4 Interphone Motorcycle Kit that compatible with all Bluetooth mobile phones is now available through BlueAnt’s official Website for an MSRP of $225.