Bluetooth is one of the most preferred wireless communication technologies in today’s consumer market. Just recently, the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) has announced the official availability of its Bluetooth Specification 4.0 with its low energy Bluetooth as an enhancement to the core specification.

Bluetooth Specification 4.0 emphasizes much on ultra low power consumption in both average and idle mode, and its easy interoperability makes it even more cost effective with wide and multi-vendor support. Besides, it will be operated in 2.4GHz ISM band and is expected to sustain at 1Mbps (with very short data packet from 8 octets up to 27 octets) throughput with enhanced coverage radius range over 100 meters. That is not all, the specification will be relied on full AES-128 encryption using CCM targeted for secured and authenticated transmission. Other specifications include a fast 3ms latency for connection setup and transmission with a 24-bit CRC for high level of robustness suitable for reliable wireless communication.

The new milestone will definitely trigger much more cost and power efficient peripheral devices that are compliant to the new specification as a benefit and faster adoption to new market segments such as security, sports, home entertainment, healthcare and many more. Just imagine, now users can stay connected seamlessly with wireless communication but at an extremely long battery life powered by standard coin cell batteries for a true mobility and portability.