Previously we mentioned about the technology convergence with Bluetooth over Wi-Fi for much more efficient wireless transmission, now seems that the Bluetooth SIG is approaching reality with the Bluetooth v3.0 specification to be disclosed soon. The new Bluetooth specification v3.0 is claimed to be at least 18 times much faster than the existing Bluetooth 2.0, targeted for bulky media files transfer as a potential replacement for current Wi-Fi wireless technologies.

If you recall, Bluetooth 2.0 specifications is limited to a data transfer throughput of 3Mbps for short radius coverage of not more than 6 feet. Surprisingly, the new Bluetooth 3.0 is expected to be able to hit 480Mbps theoretically, which is significant higher and may threaten existing Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g wireless technology that are widely used in Local Area network. Just imagine, now users can transfer and share huge HD (High Definition) media files without congesting the limited wireless bandwidth in digital home.

The new Bluetooth 3.0 specification is believed to be announced soon, potentially as early as end of this month and some do expect that the actual prototype may reach market space by 2010.