Most of the time people tend to take it for granted and place less priority on their health although we can’t function effectively without good health. People hardly check their body fat or count calories unless their health is threatened. In fact measuring body fat is essential to ensure our body gets the right amount of fat for maintenance of life and reproductive functions yet avoiding obesity. If you are concerned over your total body fat, the Japanese gadget, Body Check Ball, is a lifestyle gadget which can do an immediate measurement and indicate to you your health statistics via a small LCD panel.

Costing you a mere $39, the 120g palm-sized silver Body Check Ball can read your body fat, bone density and muscle percentages via the built-in electrodes sensors. The measurement result will be shown on a small LCD screen. Powered with 4 triple A batteries, this tiny device can store up to 10 users’ profiles and it also features clock and alarm functions. Health concerned users can place the health teller on their desktop and measure their long term health trend from time to time for better quality living.