Many users experience considerably slow downloading and uploading speed when using P2P clients such as BitTorrent (BT) and eD2K (eDonkey). Many of the ISP (Internet service provider) around the world has deployed hardware and implemented software meant for traffic shaping, in order to detect, regulate and throttle traffic that is taking up too much bandwidth, especially P2P traffic.

Many suggestions have been put forward in order to beat the P2P traffic shaping by ISP, and unthrottle the speed limit placed on the P2P traffic. For example, many P2P clients such as uTorrent and eMule has protocol encryption or traffic obfuscation feature, but it may not work well to improve and increase P2P traffic transfer speed. Many users want to try to use VPN (Virtual Private Network), which allows user to tunnel a virtual circuit or logical connection to a host server on Internet connection with no traffic shaping or throttling.

However, most VPN service providers do not really welcome P2P traffic too, where it’s banned outright, or been limited to certain amount of bandwidth for a period of time. Until BolehVPN, of course. BolehVPN, a Malaysian VPN service provider, not only provides standard features of most VPN services, such as ensure privacy by hiding actual location and IP address, and bypass censorship, where user can access websites which otherwise are blocked by government or restricted to certain countries, such as Hulu, Veoh and Pandora.

BolehVPN (Boleh, a Malay word, means can do) also provides plenty of features and functions just to cater for the needs of P2P users, especially torrents downloaders and uploaders. Firstly, BolehVPN encrypts Internet traffic using SSL which prevents ISP who uses traffic analysis to throttle P2P traffic, effectively allowing users to download torrent’s content at higher and maximum speed. Other than potential torrent and P2P traffic boost, BolehVPN also shields and protects end-users from receiving annoying copyright infringement DMCA notices by anonymizing the true IP address.

BolehVPN has various servers that located at UK, Canada, Luxembourg, Sweden, and United States (US server is for surfing and streaming only). Virtual private network connection is established via OpenVPN, with support for proxy setup (BolehVPN) or fully routed configuration (BolehRoute). BolehVPN has default proxied VPN configuration which optimized for private tracker and public tracker.

BolehVPN supports transmit speed of up to 4 mbps, so it may not be useful for users with large bandwidth Internet connection. There is no monthly transfer limit though, but there is a maximum of 300 connections limit (rec. 230 global). As a bonus, BolehVPN provides free special Access to IPTorrents FreeLeech, which is private tracker, with free leeching privilege, which means no obligation to upload to maintain a good sharing ratio.

Though BolehVPN is based in Malaysia, with main market target in Malaysia, it does serve and work everywhere in the world. The pricing of BolehVPN is $10 for 30 days subscription access or $78 for 1 year account. Thanks for sponsorship of BolehVPN, My Digital Life is giving away 15 30-day BolehVPN subscription account to 15 lucky winners. Each winner will receive security certificate and key file to setup according to installation instruction to connect to BolehVPN via OpenVPN securely, which valid for 1 month (30 days).

To win an account of BolehVPN, just write and post a comment stating your location and why you need the VPN service. All comments must be posted on or before 23:59 PM on February 15, 2010, according to comment posted time (UTC+8). You can post as many comments as you like to increase your chance of winning. Winners must also allow his or her email address to be given to the sponsor for product delivery.

Contest Closed. Winners are morad, Iotlloo, Darren, kodokmlumpat, Ryan, infamou5, mkahesh, Master, mario echeverri pascua, Samuel Wat, John, nicholas, Mohzgo, JooGuan and Khamees.

Fifteen (15) winners will be selected randomly, with each entitled to one 30-day BolehVPN account. Each participant entitles to one account only.

My Digital Life’s decision is final, and My Digital Life reserves all rights to change any terms and conditions without prior notice. Do check out more free giveaway available at My Digital Life.