Borg Displays has just unveiled a series of ultra low power touch screen panel PC for commercial market recently. Named as Protege 8 and Protege 15, these are the new series of 8-inch and 15-inch touch panel PCs targeted for embedded applications such as home control, digital signage, kiosks system where thermal and space are of concerns.


The Protege 8 and Protege 15 panel PCs are powered with AMD Geode LX800 at 500MHz or Via Eden processor at 1GHz respectively. Besides the processor difference, there are other feature sets delta such as the panel size, resolution and audio capability depending on the system requirements and targeted usage model. Typically, AMD Geode processor may able to satisfy kiosk application whereas panel PC or digital signage may require higher end Via Eden processor. Other than these, they are equipped with similar memory module, with up to 1GB DDR maximum capacity and up to 4GB SSD (Solid State Device) for more robust usage. Some other common functionality include IDE port, Compact Flash Type II expansion slot, Gigabit Ethernet, USB ports, legacy serial, GPIO connectivity and many more.

No pricing and availability yet. the panel PCs will be preloaded with Windows XPe (Embedded) Operating System and with its touch screen capability and easy software compatibility, it can be a powerful interactive machine suitable for both personal and commercial use.