Bras are high maintenance. If you spent hundreds of bucks on a couture bra or simply a good quality bra because boobs matter to you, then you wouldn’t want the bras ruined by being tumbled dry in a machine. For the uninitiated, brasseries are not just made of cloth and come in different sizes; they also come with wiring for those heavily endowed, or pads for that extra boost to those lacking in the all-important asset. Bras also come in different materials such as cotton, satin or silk. In order to care for these bras, the conventional way of drying them with a hair dryer or tumble dryer may be either too time-consuming or damaging to the bras.


The newly invented Bra Dryer which is still in the process of being patented can solve women’s woes. Using adjustable infrared heat to dry the bras saves time as well as protects bras from being damaged. Shaped like the front torso of a woman, the device comes in different sizes and shapes. Thus, the shapes of bras can be maintained while the drying job gets done efficiently. The device also comes with a timer and an adjustable setting for different bra material.


The innovative Bra Dryer could be a girl’s best friend in the 21st century. While a gadget to dry bras might not seem like a household product, the device could take off if extended to flimsy lingerie or delicate clothes which have to be hand-washed. A device which allows one to drape fragile but expensive clothing items and dry them without fear of damage can be very attractive to the female population.