Taiwan computer memory maker and also the world’s independent memory leader, Kingston Technology Company Inc has released its latest capless thumbdrive. Surely it is a good new for those who hate losing the cap of their thumbdrive! This latest Kingston’s Data Traveler Mini – Migo Edition has a sliding retractable cover protecting the USB connector.


mini-migo.jpgThis new mini-sized USB flash drive measures a mere 0.7″ x 1.42″ x 0.4″, making it easy to bring around. It is available in three colours to differentiate its storage capacity – red colour for 512MB, blue colour for 1GB and purple colour for 2GB storage. With the Migo software that comes together, this Migo edition allows you to use your own Microsoft Outlook/Mozilla Thunderbird email contents, Microsoft IE/Mozilla Firefox settings, cookies, history and favorites in your preferred environment. Kingston claims that this new product does not leave traces of personal data on other systems and it is safe for use on multiple PCs.