Have you ever imagine that you can change TV program by just waving your bare hand on air without the need of IR remote control? With this innovation idea from few Australian scientists, the users will no longer needing to search for remote control to scroll through theirs favorite channels, while can comfortably sitting on the sofa and enjoying the program.

The technology utilizes a smart camera that is embedded into the controller box to capture the differences among few simple hand gestures posted by the users in front of the TV. The intelligent software then sends the corresponding signal to a remote controller so that the preprogrammed tasks can be triggered. All these are transparent to the user and what he needs to do is just performing a simple hand gesture. For example, he can show a thumbs-up sign to move the channel up, stretch all his five fingers to switch to channel five and so on depending on the pre-programmed task assignment. This innovation will definitely bring a lot of fun and benefits especially for the users that seldom move their joints while enjoying the TV program whole day and night.

Currently the prototype is under development stage as there are some fine tuning needed before it is ready for the commercial market. The developers are trying to come out with a small module to be integrated on future TV set, set-top box, DVD player and other home appliances. It is forecasted that the end product will be available in the market shelf by 2010.