powermap-3If you prefer a neat workplace and do not like many messy cables all over the place, surely you will like this interesting wireless charger, PowerMat. Making its debut in CES at Las Vegas, this powerful wireless charging mat can charge up to six mobile phones at a go. Users just need to plug the slick portable map into the socket and they can place their electronic devices on the map for charging. Users can use this PowerMap to charge laptops, iPods, iPhones, cell phones, handheld games, GPS devices, headsets, digital cameras, etc.

The working principle for PowerMat is based on the magnetic induction concept. This technology makes use of the shared magnetic field to do electrical power transmission. The charging speed is equal or even faster than the normal conventional charger attached to the electronic device. The magic mat itself features a receiver to connect to the electronic device placed on it. Hence, besides using it for charging, it can be potentially used for data transmission such as audio and video.
The PowerMat comes with five different mats: home/modular mat, bedside mat, desk mat, travel mat and PC mat. Each mat can charge 3 to 6 devices wirelessly. The price range for these mats and receivers start at $99.99 and $29.99 respectively. This new technology will be very useful for both individual or commercial purposes. It is simple, light and easy to carry around. Instead of bringing various charges for different devices, travelers could just bring a PowerMat and resolve the charging problem. This device also consumes less energy compared to having many adapters plugged in separately for charging various devices. Commercially, service providers like hotels, restaurants, airports, etc can provide this free charging service for their customers to enhance their services.