car-splitter-plug-1In today’s living, electronic gadgets have become an important element that most people rely on. Most working people particularly will carry many gadgets with them, for instance, laptop, cellphone, GPS device, digital camera, MP3 player, etc. With so many devices to be lugged along, finding ways to charge them while travelling is always a problem. Imagine this: you can’t charge your mobile phone when you are charging your GPS reader as you might need it to direct you to the right location. However, your mobile phone battery is running flat and you need to make important calls. When you are in these dilemma, gadgets such as Santok In-Car Splitter will be the first thing that comes to mind.

The Santok In-car Splitter extends your normal car cigarette lighter socket into a multiple socket which comprises of two regular 12V sockets and two USB power charging sockets. With this multiple socket, users can charge or power up to 4 electrical gadgets simultaneously without any problem. The Santok In-car Splitter is supported with a flexible arm which can be angled in various directions so that it can work well with any vehicle. Besides, it also features a replaceable fuse as an extra safety feature. There is no pricing detail at this point of time.