Did you have an imaginary friend or pet in your childhood? A person or creature you can trust to share life’s ups and downs, to accompany you throughout the way, and just to be there when you need somebody… While using technology can be a pretty lonely activity due to the lack of physical interaction, Chatman is set to change all that. This adorable little yellow cartoon character is the new PC pal to hit stores in April and will wriggle himself into PC users’ hearts.

This synthetic PC accessory can talk and give you feedback about your activities or discussions. It can understand language, context and mood and respond appropriately in your conversations with friends or even pose comments. It has eyes, ears and arms that can move as well as an animated LED mouth to show a combination of 25 different moods and 500 types of action. As the Chatman is everywhere in chat rooms, and when you are surfing or gaming, it can help to monitor the websites that are visited by minors. Available in three personality options, Chatman is compatible with all major IM platforms including Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace, and MSN. Users just need to plug the device into a USB port and download the software to their PC.