The benefits of starting the reading habit early are well established but not many working parents today have the time to read to their children. The father or mother’s voice is believed to engage children more and encourage the reading habit from an early age. AnyBook DRP-4000 by Franklin is a child-friendly reader that enables parents to “read” to the children despite their busy schedule. AnyBook DRP-4000 allows parents to record their reading which the children can play back as many times as they like.

AnyBook DRP-4000 does not need any sophisticated software or connection to a computer to operate. The reader works in four simple steps: (1) Stick stickers in every page of a book the user wishes to record. (2) Touch the sticker with the tip of the pencil to activate it. (3) A parent or grandparent reads the page to record it. (4) The child can play back the page by touching the pencil to each sticker.

Resembling a giant pencil, AnyBook DRP-4000 has three simple buttons for children to touch, record, and play back. Parents can personalize the reading for their children by reading in different voices and intonations or making sound effects to go with the story. AnyBook DRP-4000 can record stories from any book for a total of 60 hours. This device also saves parents the agony of reading a book again and again, yet satisfies the need of the child for countless repetitions and strict adherence to the original reading.