LVDS is a common connector standard that being widely deployed in LCD market especially in both embedded and notebook segments. While there seems to be no change in trend with most of the LCD panel makers still stick back with this many pins and complicated connector, Chrontel sees the need to close the gap by announcing a series of new bridge chips, named as CH7508 and CH7509 that enables direct connection of LVDS panel to a less pin-count but yet higher bandwidth DisplayPort technology.

The CH7508 is targeted for panel makers that would like to continue leveraging on mini-LVDS connector design and with its ability to convert DisplayPort signals into mini LVDS technology directly, it bridges the gap and simplifies the design significantly without limiting themselves to scarce selection of true DisplayPort enabled panels. Similarly, the CH7509 can be made available to board makers that intend to utilize back the easy-to-source LVDS panels for faster TTM (Time-to-market). That is not all, both CH7508 and CH7509 are capable to scale and deliver up to WSXGA 1680 x 1050 resolutions, which is sufficient for most of the netbook and notebook designs.

Packaged in QFN 64-pin foot print, this is no doubt a simple solution that can speed up board design since system integrators will no longer need to cater for different and wide range of LVDS connector but instead, they just need to focus on much simplified, less pins DisplayPort connector by having all the design constraints well taken care by the famous video interface IC chip vendor. Priced at USD2 for volume quantity of 10,000 units, both CH7508 and CH7509 will be in mass production by July this year.