Apple’s iPhones are famous for its multi touch capabilities that have able to penetrate well into competitive smart phone market space. While you may hear about this technology only after Apple’s iPhone becomes famous and it seems to be brought by Apple Inc to consumer market space but have you ever aware that Synaptics has actually came out with a multi touch product, named as ClearPad 2000 four months before the iPhone being released to market. Good news now, the California based company has just unveiled a more powerful next generation, named as ClearPad 3000 series that is claimed to be able to track up to ten fingers simultaneously.

The new sensor technology is claimed to be able provide an accuracy of up to +/-1mm radius, which is very precise to make the ten fingers possible on the tiny touch screen. Without complicating the hardware design, the whole stack up is measured at merely 0.3mm in thickness but still can go up to 8-inches touch screen module diagonally.

Some manufacturers are believed to have already started the engagement with Synaptics to bring this technology into their product lines and one of them is the T-mobile G1 by HTC, as well as some Korean based customers such as Samsung and LG. Besides the 3000 series, the company is also working on an entry level model, named as ClearPad 1000 series allows one-finger capacitive touch for some lower end smartphone and tablet PC products.