pillow.jpgSnoring is quite a common phenomenon for adults especially when age is catching up. Snoring is mainly due to the obstruction of airflow caused by blockage in your respiratory system. When there is a blockage, you will tend to breathe through your mouth and this will create vibration of your respiratory structure and sounds. Snoring is quite an embarrassing act especially if you are required to share a room with somebody during camping, company trip, etc. It is very annoying and disturbing to your roommates. Any solutions that help to get rid or reduce this snoring habit?

A magic pillow invented by a German scientist, Daryoush Bazargani, might help to solve your snoring problem. This computerized pillow will shift your head’s sleeping position by reducing or enlarging the air compartments of the pillow until your airflow is not obstructed and your snoring stops. Besides reducing snoring, this magic pillow can also be used for neck massages.