Previously we mentioned about Scrub that can scan through incomplete contact list, now there is another tool, named as Contact Cleaner that can help you in identifying duplicated contact lists and eventually delete them, freeing up your phone memory while allowing more efficient contact searching in Windows Mobile devices.

Users can download the .cab file and store it into mobile device, either in device or external memory card. After executing it, you will be able to find it in the program menu and start using it. On the main menu, just select whether you would like to delete duplicate copies during initial scan or at the end of scanning. Once completed, click on ‘Start’ will run the scanning and the end result will be displayed with clear duplicate copies, contact name and number of sets that being duplicated. Good thing is, it also displays near-duplicates so that users can decide to either manually delete or merge them into single contact.

This tiny software utility is quite useful especially when you have copied contacts from other SIM card but didn’t realize that they have duplicates and mess up with your mobile device. Compatible with Windows Mobile OS, the .cab file is free for download here for immediate use.