It is advancing technology that has killed as well as breathed new life into the old trusted cassette. If you are a music lover and have been collecting your favorite music and songs long before the time of MP3 and iPod, you probably have lots of old cassettes and CDs lying in the attic. Thanko’s Cassette Mate can help to convert the audio from cassettes into MP3 format for a more contemporary listening experience.

The size of a cassette player or Walkman, Cassette Mate is easy to use and carry around. It can be plugged into a PC to convert recordings from cassettes to MP3, WMA, or WAV formats. You simply need to insert a cassette and run the software that comes with the gadget. The device can also sort tracks into separate files so that your collection can be managed more effectively. In addition, Cassette Mate plays like a walkman when two AA batteries are inserted so you can listen to your favorite songs while on the go. For a reasonable $30, a walk down memory lane is possible with Cassette Mate.