A carabiner that doubles as a flash drive – if you ever need to bring your flash drive along when you’re mountain climbing or abseiling, this could be the answer. Your technological gadget will not look out of place even though you are in the great outdoors but you will have to be careful not to use them instead of the real caribiners in an emergency.

Available in a variety of colours – blue, purple, red, black, gold and silver, the plug and play flash drives hook up to your knapsack like real carabiners. No one would ever suspect they are flash drives until you pull out the cap. They can also be used as a key chain or bag accessory. The USB Carabiner Flash Drive is a cool product by Hong Kong-based Brandon who stocks all things strange and wonderful. Measuring 95 x 45 x 17mm and weighing 32 g, the USB2.0 is on sale for $32. It supports Window Vista/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.X or above, Linux Kernel 2.4 or above.