Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Validation Tool (KB892130) and WGA Notifications (KB905474) looks to have a new version rolling out. The new WGA version is 1.5.554.0, but currently only small amount of computers are installed and ‘infected’ with v1.5.554.0, as most users are still using WGA v1.5.540.0 or v1.5.708.0 if they try to download from Microsoft Download Center.

If you have genuine Windows Validation Tool and WGA Notifications with version of 1.5.550.0, you can follow these instructions to bypass and disable the genuine Windows validation check and the annoying Non Genuine Windows notification nag screen warning message.

  1. Download cxx0254a (removed due to complaint from Microsoft) (extracted from Windows.Genuine.Advantage.Validation.v1.5.554.0.Cracked-CRD) by Team Crude which contains patch and crack version of LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe.
  2. Extract the zip file downloaded.
  3. Launch Windows Explorer, navigate to \Windows\System32 folder, and delete LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe files. (Note: If you unable to delete the file, restart your PC into Safe Mode, and try again)
  4. Copy the extracted files from the downloaded ZIP to \Windows\System32 folder. If you haven’t delete the three files (LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe), simply replace the existing DLL if can, if can’t follow above step.
  5. If you’re in Safe-Mode, restart your computer now.

Alternatively, download the patched KB905474 Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications (removed due to complaint from Microsoft) setup installer version 1.5.554.0 which automatically install cracked version of LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe. After download the installer, simply execute it. As more latest version of WGA is released, the crack may not be working properly to bypass and disable all WGA check. However, at least the Windows PC will get rid of the notification nag message.

For other version of WGA, see here for more information.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and educational purpose only. If you’re using non-genuine or pirated Microsoft Windows operating system, please purchase a legal copy from your local computer store. If you’re genuine Windows users but unable to validate your copy of Windows, please contact Microsoft.

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  • esammeky

    thank you for this help

  • Joel

    you guys are the best!! thanks!

    Greetings from the Philippines =)

  • Silviu

    Hey man tnq for ..beeing:))) smart:))) works…tnq .and take care

  • Anthony

    July 27th, 2009

    Thank you Mr.crapito

    I Tryed this method and it started to work

    1) Start -> Run -> taskkill /IM wgatray.exe

    2) go to Windowssystem32

    3) rename LegitCheckControl.dll -> LegitCheckControl.dll.old

    4) rename WgaLogon.dll -> WgaLogon.dll.old

    5) rename WgaTray.exe -> WgaTray.exe.old

    6) reboot

    Hat off to you all for the great support for people like us

    Thanking you


  • Vincent

    To delete it in safe mode.

    Write a batch file with the following line's


    taskkill /f /im wgatray.exe

    del %windir%system32wgatray.exe

    del %windir%system32wgalogon.dll

    del %windir%system32dllcachewgatray.exe

    del %windir%system32dllcachewgalogon.dll


    if that doesn't work try:



    taskkill /f /im wgatray.exe

    goto loop


    And manually delete the files in code above.

  • saurabh

    Great, thanks.

  • Santos

    hello, pls advice me how can stop the window genuine advandates validation notification!Once I have tried by deleting Wgalogon in Safe mode but still not helping to stop dat notification! Please advice me. Thanks.

    Regards from-


  • jay

    Hai,thanks for the above adv…i run two os in my laptop…vista and xp pro…bots activate by pass….i able to validate my vista ultimate and grap all update from ms…i just validate my xp after i replace wga with crack one & it say my xp is genuine…thaks again….keep it good work….

  • The links are dead :(

  • Kor

    Great informative post, had several people come to me with this problem. Two were computers that came preinstalled on hp desktops, the other was a dell. Very annoying problem, that I think the typical novice user would be hardpressed to fix.

  • crapito

    here's what worked for me to disable WGA 1.5.0554.0 …

    1) Start -> Run -> taskkill /IM wgatray.exe

    2) go to Windowssystem32

    3) rename LegitCheckControl.dll -> LegitCheckControl.dll.old

    4) rename WgaLogon.dll -> WgaLogon.dll.old

    5) rename WgaTray.exe -> WgaTray.exe.old

    6) copy cracked files to Windowssystem32

    7) reboot

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  • imti

    thats work but its notworking next page is ask for avd tools for microsoft can any one help me what to do

  • cokefreak

    It dosent work it keeps asking me to install WGA validtion software on

  • im

    for p2p users |||||ed2k://|||||/

  • im

    or post original file size, because I've found 2 versions in the net already and I don't know which is right

  • BAO

    you can't replace the Wgalogon.dll file

    but you can rename it… and then replace the cracked one in… and then delete the renamed file… might not work in safe mode…somehow I did it in normal mode…

    rename and then delete!

  • Reload2

    I was able to delete legitcheckcontrol.dll and i used task manager for wgatray.exe but i'm not able to replace the wgalogon.dll, even in safe mode. :(

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