Video demonstration is always one of the best approaches for software developers or manufacturers to demonstrate how a software works and functions. They can record and capture relevant screencasts to tell users how to install their software, provide users with tips & tricks, troubleshooting tutorials, etc. They can walk users through their demonstration videos to most of the functions of their application. Animation graphics and sound effects are better than a thousand words in delivering the messages. Video demonstrations also helps in terms of marketing. An impressive video sometimes can influence the consumers’ decision and it is very important in the persuasion and convincing process.
To create high-quality screencasts to demonstrate a new application or for other purposes, generally you need to install screen recording software such as TipCam, Camtasia Studi, Jing, etc. For some reasons, for instance, if you are using the office computer or you are sharing a computer with others which restrict you from installing the screencasting software, why not try out ScreenToaster, a completely web-based screen recorder?

ScreenToaster is a free online service where no download or installation is required. However, users need to install Java plugin to their browser. ScreenToaster supports multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and MacOS. Users need to register with ScreenToaster before using it. After logging in, users can start to do the recording via its simple and step-by-step wizard. ScreenToaster supports both selection recording and full-screen recording. Everything can be done very quickly and easily. The screen video will be recorded into Flash format. There is no direct downloading feature for users to download. (Refer to our previous post on how to download flash videos). However, users can copy the link to the video and email to others or embed the code for the video into their blogs/sites for sharing.

Unlike other online screen recorders, ScreenToaster generates quite a good quality screencast video. Furthermore, it is free and users do not need to take the hassle to download any application before using it. It is worthwhile to give it a try.