D-LinkMost modern intelligent networked devices and equipments such as routers, modems, switches and other network devices now contain management interface for configuration and customization. So do products from D-Link (often mistype as DLink).

The management interface, accessible via HTTP on Ethernet cable or wireless (if applicable), Telnet, FTP or SSH, does contain a default factory password for admin user with administrator privileges and rights access level, which is required for initial configuration and future advanced management or creation of other uses on the device. Here’s a list of default factory-set password used to login to D-Link network devices. Note that this list is by no mean complete, in view of massive amount of products released by DLink.

D-Link DI-206 ISDN router, DSL-2640T ADSL router gateway, DSL-500, DSL-504, DI-704P, DSL-G664T, DSL-G604T, DSL-604+

User ID or Name: admin
Password: admin

D-Link DI-713, DI-713P, DI-714P+, DI-804HV, DI-808HV, DI-824VUP Airplus G Wireless VPN Router, DI-514, DI-524, DI-604, DI-614, DI-614+, DI-624, DI-624+, DI-754, DI-764, DI-774, DI-784, DI-804, DI-804V, DWL-700AP, DWL-800AP+, DWL-810+, DWL-900+, DWL-900AP+, DWL-1000+, DWL-1000AP+, DWL-2000AP, DWL-2000AP+, DWL-2100AP, DWL-6000AP, DWL-7000AP, DWL-7100AP

User ID: admin
Password: (none) or (blank)

D-Link DI-106 ISDN router

User Name: (none) or (blank)
Password: 1234

DLink DI-704

User Name: (none) or (blank)
Password: admin

DLink DI-106

User ID: administrator
Password: @*nigU^D.ha

D-Link DL-701 cable DSL gateway with firewall

User Name: (none) or (blank)
Password: year2000

D-Link DFE-538TX 10/100 Adapter, DI-701

User Name: (none) or (blank)
Password: (none) or (blank)

DLink DSL-504

User ID: (none) or (blank)
Password: private

D-Link DWL-900, DWL 900AP

User ID: admin
Password: public

D-Link Hubs or Switches Telnet Access Method

User ID: D-Link
Password: D-Link

D-Link DSL Router

User ID: root
Password: admin

To safeguard and secure your D-Link device, it’s recommended to change the default admin password to a new password. Once you change the password, the above factory preset password no longer valid, and user needs to reset the network device back to original factory condition in order to reset the password back to default D-Link password.

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