RFID usage has been widely deployed in inventory tracking and supply chain management as well as some health care and security checking in consumer market. In view of the high demand, DAILY RFID, a China based leading supplier for RFID devices has just unveiled a new external RFID SD (Secure Digital) format module that allows users to turn any of their Windows Mobile devices into RFID portable terminals immediately without any internal hardware change.

The SD format based RFID reader is compatible with 13.56MHz RFID tag in various formats such as famous ISO/IEC 14443A, 14443B and 15693 available in the market. Together with the wireless technology through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GSM connectivity, it allows those RFID tag information to be transferred seamlessly from mobile devices to centralized system for back end processing.

The RFID module is currently available in commercial market at a retail price of $132.00. Besides compatible with Windows Mobile 2002/2003, 5/6, the module is claimed to be able to work with Palm OS 4.1 and even Linux Operating systems.