Shadow eBike is an electric bike that appeals with its aesthetic looks and wireless technology. Powered by a 250W – 350W motor and a 36V 10Ah lithium-ion battery, the bike can cover 20-25km on motor power alone and 35-40km with pedal-assist before it requires a 4-5 hours’ full charge. The motor, battery and cables are all packed inside the front wheel to give the bike a neat and elegant look. Toronto-based Daymak Inc. has dubbed the Shadow Ebike “the world’s first wireless power-assist electric bicycle.”

The bike’s electric motor, regenerative brakes, throttle and pedals are wirelessly controlled by the Daymak Drive controller packed inside the front wheel. The wheel also includes a USB port, charging port and an LED battery power display. When brakes are applied, the regenerative braking system sends power back to the batteries. The wheel also doubles as a generator to recharge electronic devices via its USB port. The Daymak wireless technology has potential for future integration with Smartphones and PCs.