Files deleted from hard disk are not really removed from the hard disk immediately; the deleted files are still occupying the space instead. Although the occupied space is marked as free, but the content still remains intact to the disk. If you want to resell your hard disk or donate to somebody else, you might have risk to expose your privacy data to others if data is not truly deleted from hard disk. How to ensure your data is deleted from the entire hard disk is really removed? With Disk Scrubber, you can remove your data securely without giving any chance to anybody to recover the data at a later stage.


Disk Scrubber is a freeware and with the simple GUI design, it is very user friendly and easy to be used. It allows you to delete the entire disk drive by ensuring the erased files are truly removed. Do take note that the data being deleted by using Disk Scrubber can never be recovered by any disk recovery software such as NTFS Undelete that we mentioned before. So it is better to confirm the data is no longer needed before using this tool to remove them from entire hard disk drive.

Disk Scrubber is absolutely free to download. It is compatible to run on Windows XP/2000/20003/Vista and the minimum pre-requisite is the computer must has Microsoft Framework 2.0 installed. If you need alternative, do refer to Disk Wipe or Disk Redactor.