Nowadays GPS (Global Positioning System) has become one of the important features in mobile computing world and in order to fulfill consumers’ needs, Dell, the famous PC maker has just unveiled the optional add-on mini PCIe card, named as Wireless 700 that can be plugged into existing Inspiron Mini 10 netbook to enhance its functionality to be used for location based services relying on GPS module and Wi-Fi triangulation technology.

Featured with GPS chip from Broadcom and Skyhook wireless technology, the hybrid card can be used as conventional GPS tracking device by locking to satellites under the sun besides suitable to be used indoor by keep tracking triangular locations based on cellular base stations. All these data will be cross mapped into the CoPilot navigation software that provides useful 2D/3D views for simple navigation while on the move. Besides, users can connect to internet via its Loki browser to get detailed of nearby famous restaurants, fuel stations as well as stay connected to famous social networking such as Flickr and etc.

At a retail price of $69, the hybrid Mini-PCIe card will be available to Dell Mini Inspirion 10 first by next week followed by other Dell products at a later stage.