Are you a social butterfly? Well, you can emerge from your cocoon to keep in touch with family, friends, lovers, chat mates, etc. Complete with connectivity features, Dell has brought you the new Inspiron Mini 9 that can help you to stay in touch. Launched by Dell in the US, Japan and some European countries today, this new Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is light, compact and fitted with advanced wireless connectivity options. It is customized to target frequent online users, teens, travelers, social network enthusiasts, etc

Using Intel Atom Diamondville processor, the new Dell Inspiron Mini 9 weighs less than 3lbs and features a bright 8.9 inch glossy LED-backlit screen (1024 x 600) with 4, 8 and 16GB SSD options (Note: users can get additional 2GB free online storage at Box.Net based on an exclusive collaboration plan between Dell and It has solid sealed keypads which are large enough to type and navigate. Users also can add in an optional built-in webcam which bundled with Dell Video chart. This facility gives users the convenience of making a video chart, an internet call, etc. Read more about the features.

The new Dell Inspiron Mini 9 is available starting from the selling price of $399 for the XP version. Dell will offer its Ubuntu Linux version starting at USD$349. US residents can strike some good deals if they intend to purchase a Studio 15, XPS M1530 or XPS M1330 laptop. Dell will offer these purchasers the chance to get a Mini for only USD$99 from 5 September to 9 September.