Have you ever wished that you could see inside your mouth to check how clean (or dirty) your teeth are? Yucks! Sounds like what mums would do for kids who dislike thorough brushing. Or check that out that little mouth ulcer causing so much pain and discomfort? Thanko’s USB Dental “microscope” lets you do just that. It comes equipped with six LEDs and a small CMOS camera so you can shoot (640×480) JPEGs/BMPs or 1280×1024 resolution video. The results can be downloaded into a computer.


This device is not about taking pretty pictures to thrill your loved ones. On the contrary, the results are inevitably gross and disgusting. They lead to but one conclusion – you need the services of your dentist. The Japan-based company specializing in spy camera gadgets figures it’s a necessary evil. For about $80, you can document hard evidence to convince yourself and your loved ones to pay a visit to the dentist.