Do you have extremely important data to be archived with the hope that they can still retrievable after few hundreds years? Personally I don’t and I think this newly developed DVD could be too reliable for public use. However, in case you are looking for one and if money is not a huge concern, the recently announced specially made DVD media may able to suit your needs. Named as DiamonDisc, it is claimed to be able to last and usable for 1000 years, which is a bit unbelievable to be true.

Being introduced by a company called Cranberry LLC, the DiamonDisc can store up to 4.7GB like conventional single layer DVD. But what makes it so different in terms of reliability and durability is it doesn’t rely on reflective or adhesive materials that tend to deteriorate over time. Besides, its unique design and ability to withstand an extreme temperature up to 176 degree Fahrenheit makes it ideal even for harsh environment. As you may curious how they able to conclude that it can last for 1000 years, but according to the company, the new product was tested with various industry temperature and humidity compliant to ECMA-379 standards that are able to accelerate the product’s lifespan for close estimation.

However, its extremely high pricing may set you back, especially the DVD burner itself (bundled with 150 pieces of DiamonDiscs) already costs you $4995. Alternatively, the company does offer extra service to burn the disc at an additional cost of $34.95 per unit separately.