Microsoft has assigned several popular yet important downloads such as Internet Explorer 7 RC1 for Windows XP SP2, Windows Defender Beta 2, DirectX End-User Runtime, Windows Media Player 10 and etc as software that available only to users running genuine Microsoft software products. Thus Microsoft protects these software apps with Windows Genuine Advantage program and restricts the download of the these software programs by required users to go through genuine Windows validation test and check.

Windows Genuine Advantage protects the software products available from Microsoft by requiring users to validate their copy of Windows before downloading start and before installing of the application. With the release of WGA Validation Tool 1.5.708.0, Microsoft has also made it harder for any crack, fix, patch or hack to bypass, disable and remove the WGA genuine Windows validation required before allow users to download the software. If for whatever reason you’re unable to pass the validation test even though you’re using the genuine Microsoft Windows products, you still able to download the WGA-protected software, without any crack, hack or patch, by download directly from Microsoft download link.

Direct download link location (URL) for popular top downloads from Microsoft Download Center:

Internet Explorer 7 (Final Gold Release Build 7.0.5730.11) – Full download with no validation required
Windows XP SP2 Edition
Windows Server 2003 32-bit Edition
Windows XP & Windows Server 2003 x64 (64-bit) Edition
Windows Server 2003 ia64 Edition

Windows Media Player 11 Final x86 – Full Download without WGA check
Windows Media Player 11 Final x64 64-bit for Windows XP

Internet Explorer 7 RC1 (Windows XP SP2)
Windows Defender Final v1593 (x86)
Windows Defender Final v1593 (x64)
Windows Defender FINAL RTM Build 1592 (32-bit)
Windows Defender Final Build 1592 (x64)
Windows Defender (Beta 2)
DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime
Windows Media Player 10
Windows Media Player 11 Beta 2
DirectX End-User Runtime (Oct 2006)
Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable
Windows XP DVD Video Decoder Checkup Utility
SyncToy v1.2
Codec Installation Package for Windows Media Player 7.1 or later

Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) – No validation required, but put here for convenience purpose.

Direct download link for Windows Vista here.

For update and more direct download link URL of other Windows updates and apps, visit The Software Patch. After downloading the software, you may still need to bypass the second level of validation during installation. Search around this site for tips.