Microsoft Office 2007When you try to download any suite, application or edition release Microsoft Office 2007 retail products or Office 2K7 Enterprise edition installer setup file online, you will need to login with your Windows Live ID or Microsoft Passport account, and/or have to fill up profile information such as name, contact address, email address, phone number, company name and other personal details. However, all this order and checkout process to download the setup binaries of Office 2007 is just the requirement to obtain a free trial product key which valid for 60 days to evaluate Office 2007 program that has been downloaded.

If you just need the full standalone setup installer for Microsoft Office 2007 suites such as Office 2007 Enterprise and Office 2007 Professional, or redistributable setup package for individual Microsoft Office 2007 applications such as Office Groove 2007, Office OneNote 2007, Office Publisher 2007 and Office Visio 2007, and do not need the free-of-charge evaluation license or product key, you can skip the sign up step and download directly from Microsoft the full setup files which will install complete features and functionalities that the genuine perpetual purchased versions will get, if you can provide the installed Office program a genuine and legal product key and successfully activate it.

Office 2007 Direct Download Link

  • Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2007
  • Microsoft Office Small Business 2007
  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007
  • Microsoft Office Standard 2007
  • Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007
  • Microsoft Office Groove 2007
  • Microsoft Office OneNote 2007
  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2007
  • Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007

If you own volume license agreement and VLK, you can download Office 2007 from Microsoft Volume Licensing Services site.

Update: Download Office 2010

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  • Child restu

    where his link, I do not find it ??

  • Husein

    what’s the product key for Microsoft Office Professional 2007

  • Schmoozy Magoo

    The link for Enterprise 2007 doesn’t work.

    • Jan

      Read the comments for Enterprise 2007 download…..

  • Chris

    I need an iso for Office 2007 Pro Plus VLK. I don’t need a key. I have ’07 Enterprise VLK; can it be modded to install Pro Plus?

  • iTropics

    Thanks for this link. I just downloaded the Microsoft Office Standard 2007.

  • j

    The trial version patch is shown above…student and teacher edition key is out there…but you wont get the updates…thanks for the trial patch…AGAIN…AMAZING M$ would leave this bug wide open and not pull the ISOs or whatnot..

  • mariorocks

    Good day. I would like to ask: Do the setup binaries contain the retail or trial versions? Thank you in advance.

  • Chombito718

    I am losing my patience. Why can’t I download the trial version of Enterprise 2007, and I can’t find it anywhere else? What is going on with Microsoft. I need the trial version so I can use my product key to get the full version. What is going on???

  • Brad

    Anyone looking for a trail key you don’t need one, instead follow these steps
    1) Open up notepad as an administrator (do this by right clicking on notepad short-cut and selecting ‘run as admin’
    2) Once notepad opens go click File>open. In the bottom of the new screen select to see all files not just ANSI. Then follow the path C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft SharedOFFICE12Office Setup ControllerProof.en –> open proof.en
    3)This will appear as lots of code but don’t panic! It is very easy to navigate. Scroll down to the bottom of the code until you see a line of code which says ‘AlwaysActivated’. Change this to ‘neverActivated’ make sure it is an undercase ‘n’. Once changed click Files>save
    4) Close notepad and open Microsoft and enjoy the fullness and happiness of it :D

    If any trouble arises follow this guide and this work only for 32bit – 64bit the file location is C:Program Files (x86)Common Filesmicrosoft sharedOFFICE12Office Setup ControllerProof.en

  • ann

    i need product key for trial version.plz help me

  • Dean Pepler

    The Office 2007 is LOCKED to the Following :

    Hewlett Packard : nc6120
    Hewlett Packard : G70 212 EM

    Micro Star International DKA 790 GX Platinum.

    Those Three Computers.

    Yes! The .Net Framework 3.5 With Service Pack 1 goes great with Office 2007.

    E.g : Enable all features Aka (Run all from My Computer) etc then run the Service Pack 2.

    MSDN i am WAITING for Service Pack 2 (Windows 7). .Net Framework 4.0 Service Pack 1

    then i will use Windows 7 Home Premium SP2 x86 OEM on my laptop.

    because it will let me take out the Media Center (Add or Remove Programs Feature).

  • Dean Pepler

    Hey I went and bought Microsoft Office 2007 Home & Student from Incredible Connection.

    Somerset Mall.

    Right? ??

    now i wonder if i get the Office 2007 Outlook Seperate would it need a key for the .exe itself.


    Dean Pepler.

    DONT lie and say there was no such thing as Outlook.

    i saw it on Rapidshare, Duckload, FileSonic, Megaupload, usershare ETC.

  • siva

    i need ms office product key because i am using trail version

  • Louis

    Sorry that was a bit harsh, I’m sure these links are helpful for a lot of people… but if you go to the microsoft office website you can enter your serial number and they will give you the correct download link.

  • Louis

    Well thanks for wasting my time, the link for Professional is actually Professional Plus… your Professional key won’t work with that.

  • paul

    i have windows 7 professional but it does not have 0ffice 2007. please help

  • Regine Schult

    where to I get product key for Microsoft Office Professional 2007?

    • Regine

      product key or trial key

  • Micro Soft

    You sound stupid. Grow up and get a life. Learn some manners. Then die.

  • bhuppy

    i want setup for ms office 2007 trial version. how can i download trial version setup for office 2007

    • A

      bhuppy, just download any one of the full download setup packages for your edition of office 2007 and enter your trial product key. the full standalone setup installers can accept either the valid full retail key or trial key.

  • Osman

    Please anyone here has a product key for ms office standard

  • Mbll

    ok downloading

  • Badri

    Thanks a lot! solved my problem! u guys r great keep up the great work

  • Oro

    @ Rip Titties.

    Thanks for that link mate, it is a life saver for me. Appreciate your effort.


  • JPham

    Thank you so much! i have client's that have their Keys for office small business, but lost there CD's, Your a Life Saver!

  • Ian

    Thanks guys. My customer had the keys but not the disks. You are a life saver. Pity you don't have Outlook 2007 though.

  • Izhar

    Please help me to find the product key

  • pushp

    I Download MS Office Home And Student 2007

    Please Help Me to find out the Product Key

    MY Email @:

    • Joshua Snell

      Hi were you able to find a product key for the MS Office 2007

  • Min

    Would anyone be so kind as to share an MS Office 2007 Standard key. Thanks.

  • gizmo

    Microsoft.Office.Enterprise.2007.Corporate.Admin.Install [ISO]

    Single-Link, No pass:

  • RipTitties

    For those of you looking to download Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise – try this link:

    The one in the above article is broken…

  • gajendner kumar

    i need ms office 2007 key

  • veneet

    Hi there! I am in need of the Office 2007 Enterprise but the link is broken.

    Can you do something about it.

  • Mohd Mohsin

    I am Mohd Mohsin from HYDERABAD

    KEYS ARE :S/N: KGFVY-7733B-8WCK9-KTG64-BC7D8


    • Manuel

      Thanks a lot!!!

      Your Product key is fine to my Office Enterprise Edition.

    • zahir


      need key for office 2007 home n student edition. Anybody willing to help???

      please sent to

  • Mark

    Would anyone please provide me a product key for Microsoft Home and Office Student 2007 version? It would be greatly appreciated. email me at

  • kewlyow


  • ike

    my office professional key wont work. send to me at

  • David

    I have a microsoft office 2007 professional Genuine key from friends. No CD but only key from casing. and i've downloaded microsoft Office Professional 2007 from here.. but i dunno why the genuine key is not working .. keep says it is invalid key~ pls help~~ Thankks

  • Keys4YourPC

    If someone need key for office 2007 let me know to

    Thank you.

    • johnson

      bro kindly provide the ms office 2007 prof key

      i would be very thankfull.

  • Computer Tech

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! I've spent about 3 hours looking for a copy of Office 2007 Standard to load back on my customer's laptop. They (of course) didn't bring the install media, but they did bring me the cd key!

    I tried 4 torrents, to no avail. Found this site and it works perfectly!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!

    I may have to download all of these and "mirror" them for you. This is a life saver!

  • please give me the link for downloading ms office 2007 with the product key.

    mail me

  • Max

    Direct link for Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 please !!
    the link is not working..
    if you have the link, please send me to


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  • eric

    i have a product key for all ms office….. down load from TORRENT….anyone need contact me..on ma id

    • james

      pls can u send me the product key

  • merissa mc millan

    i have just downloaded the direct link but i need a product key how can i get one

  • Cesar M

    For every one asking about product keys this site is not for that

    like the most of us that use this site its for us to find or read up on new or what ever

    and also gives out GREAT Full Retail version links for you do re down load something you BOUGHT before or at least have a Product key for

    great works guys….

    I love this site always has the answer or link I need!!!

  • nesar

    i need ms office xp professional 2007 can somebody will provide me

    please please send the application on my id please

  • Narnia

    Can someone provide a download link to Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007.

    I would be greatful.

  • Bootman

    Which is better of the two i.e., Office 2007 Ultimate or Office 2007 Enterprise.

  • Michael

    Here's the link for Office 2007 Ultimate

  • i stupid
  • Tania

    Direct Download Link for Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007 is not working. Does anyone have the direct link?


  • Nobody

    Hi there! I am in need of the Office 2007 Enterprise but the link is broken.

    Can you do something about it.


  • Anghel Morales

    I need a product key for Microsoft Office 2007 tha I bought last year. Thanks .

  • ann

    How do i download the trial version to microsoft office 2007 from this site?

  • Melanie

    Hi, I just downloaded the trial version of OneNote 2007. Where do I get the trial product key?

  • egypt

    thanks so much- don't feel like digging in basement for install cd, and only 2010 is available now when i tried to download installer set up files. (2007 showed up until after i gave them my email address, bait and switch) Anyway, thanks again for the link-

  • stanley

    Hi, anyone knows where the links for Office 2010 RTM could be found?

    (direct download)

  • thanks to you my friend!!!!! because of you i can install visio on my computer with no internet

    its a pain in the neck to dl on microsoft because they always give downloaders

  • Duck Gamer

    Hello thanks for this wonderful article very helpful, and the downloads are really quick because of their fast servers so thanks.

  • friend

    Hey, I need powerpoint, word, excel 2007 for free and full version. Mail link to


  • Lp

    Can someone tell me the product key for professional?

  • tymario101

    hello if anyone can help. i need a office 2007 professional product key. thnk!!

  • Corruptedcyber

    Oh btw the license its genuine.buyt i cant find it O_O WHERE IS IT??!!

  • Corruptedcyber

    Hi guys i need a link for MS Off 2007 Basic OEM cant find it plz i woukld apreciate if u can give me a link for it, my email adress is:


  • scott

    i need a product code for ms office small business 2007. please, can someone help thank you

  • scott

    i need a product key for ms office small business 2007. can anyone help me. thanks

  • Celio Froes

    I need an activation key to Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student, send to
    Thank you very much.

  • post it

    I need a serial key number… where is it?

    If you know that, mail please!


    version 2007~!

  • lemon

    I need a working key for office 2007 pro plus!? Please…

  • Drini

    whats the kay of office professional?

  • Queena

    where is the trial key for micro office publisher need it now asap ty

  • KingSkiinTim

    Great resource mate – the MS one wont accept my code yet it came from a Tier one trade supplier as is 100% genuine!

    I hope the install takes me code..

    ps why are the letters on the oem codes so dam small ?

  • Dejan

    Hi Prashant

    Where did you get the product key to install trial X12-30263.exe ( Standard Office 2007) or

    X12-30107.exe ( Student Office 2007)

  • julio

    hola amigos q tal.. descargue microsoft office home and student 2007 de esta pagina pero cuando abro la carpeta me pide el product key o la clave.. sera posible q me ayuden con este problema. donde puedo encontrarla o si m la pueden favorecer agradezco.. gracias

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  • conrad

    hi guys! lost my cd. but i have my product key,how can i dowload it form internet using my prod'key? my computer now is currently no office.please help! thanks!

  • desperate

    Hi is the microsoft products a trial version only, manage to download the application file but where is the product key

  • Prashant

    Got it. Thanks.

  • Prashant

    can't seem to run the file… what the hell?

  • Prashant

    Hey, with what app do i open the file i just downloaded from your "Direct Download" list???


    product key for MS Office Professional 2007. thanks!

  • Xerife

    Product key for office professional 2007.


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  • Devildog

    Owsome Links – But after downloading the above product ?? What about the PRODUCT KEY “ACTIVATION”… !

    LMAO, Can No one read the article above, These are Direct Download Links for those who "can provide the installed Office program a genuine and legal product key and successfully activate it." I read that first five minutes of the article, and before I clicked on a link to download, LMAO

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  • whats the product key

  • Acid Rain

    Hi how do I get the product key for office 2007 professional? Thanks



  • tomati777

    hi. whats the product key???

  • Prince

    Owsome Links – But after downloading the above product ??

    What about the PRODUCT KEY "ACTIVATION"… !

    …..Prince ¥™

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  • Brandon

    Very nice, why didnt i think of that LOL

  • mark

    this was really useful for me, thanks

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  • KV

    Any idea where I can find the backup media for Office 2007 SB OEM? To lazy / impatient / cheap to order the media from MS.

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