On Windows 7 Beta, when user turns off and disables the User Account Control (UAC) by setting the UAC slider to never notify in Control Panel, there will be a ‘side effect’ on Gadgets and/or Sidebar, where Sidebar together with Desktop Gadgets do not work properly and not been displayed on desktop.

The generally used workaround to let Sidebar and Desktop Gadgets works while UAC is off by replacing some system files related to Sidebar with an older version from Windows Vista or Windows 7 Build 6801, as Windows Sidebar is working properly on these system even when UAC is disabled.

For user who dislikes replacing any files, or don’t want to have old classic Vista style of gadgets roaming only in Sidebar, here’s another trick to disable User Account Control without affecting or causing Desktop Gadgets or Sidebar to not working.

A thread on My Digital Life forum has posted a registry file, which set the value for AllowElevatedProcess registry key located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Sidebar\Settings registry key to “1”. After changing the value for the AllowElevatedProcess, gadget will be fixed and shown on desktop even if UAC is turned off.

Download AllowElevatedProcess.reg

Of course, user can always manually run the Registry Editor, and navigate to the registry key above to modify the AllowElevatedProcess registry entry value.