Previously we mentioned about LocatePC software that can help tracking stolen or lost laptop, now there is a similar software utility that can help users to achieve the same purpose or even better. Named as Adeona, it is an open source software that will able to provide useful location information to the owner and eventually track down the lost or stolen unit at no cost, with condition that the stolen laptop is connected to network.

In order for it to work correctly, user will need to install the software client in the owner’s laptop. This software, which only consumes less than 3MB will run in background and quietly help to capture down all the useful information such as IP address and local network in current location once the laptop is connected to network. Those data will be able to be retrieved at the other end by owner to be used for tracking purposes.

One drawback here, it will not survive any hard disk swap, reformat or even disabling the program as similar to LocatePC. Anyway, since it is free, no harm to download at Adeona for trial and hopefully it may able to assist you one day when you find yourself helpless in such a bad situation. Good thing is, it is not only compatible with Windows OS, but also works great with Mac and Linux OS. For the Mac OS X version machine particularly, there is an additional feature that can capture the pictures of the theft with the assistance of embedded iSight camera and iSightCapture freeware in the MAC laptop besides tracking down the laptop location.