Previously we mentioned Free Keypass that can store all security passwords in encrypted database with single master keyword, now there is a similar free software tool, named as Efficient Password Manager that can consolidate all various passwords in secure channel without worrying about losing them or being intruded by third party.

There are few categories that are designed specifically to suit various users’ applications. Some of the examples are email, FTP account or generic password which comes with predefined interfaces and fields that allow users to key in directly for quick and neat password storage. On top of these, users can even store software registration codes for easy retrieval anytime in the future. With a simple right click, it will bring up a new entry for input and users can enter multiple entries as many as they desire. Similar to Keypass, this security software utility is encrypted with AES 256-bit algorithm that prevents any unauthorized intruders from hacking into it.

If you think you need one, just get a free download at Efficient Password Manager for immediate use. Consumed around 2MB of your hard disk space, Efficient Password Manager is compatible with all Windows OS (Operating Systems) and suitable to be used in Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and even Vista.