Previously we mentioned about Fast Empty Folder Finder that can help to clean up empty folders in your desktop system, but in case you are not truly satisfied with it and needs a relatively simple one, here is an alternative utility that you can try. Named as Folder Vanity Remover, it scans and detects any empty folders that occupy your local drives and removes them all within seconds or minutes depending on the directories capacity and folders quantity.


Once download and run the utility, you will be brought to a very simple interface. Without any installation and setup required, just browse to the respective directories followed by a button click and it will execute the scanning immediately. Besides the main folder, it will also scan for all the sub-folders and give you the scanning results with both the number of folders being scanned as well as those that will be removed. Take note that before the scanning started, it will prompt you for confirmation if you are sure to delete those detected empty folders and once you click yes, the process will not able to be reverted to recover the deleted folders at a later stage. Impressively, I scanned through my C:\ drive and out of 12310 total folders being scanned, there are more than 500 empty folders being detected and deleted, that otherwise will stay in your system drive without your awareness.

Consumed only 33kB of your hard disk space, do try to download it here at no charge and see how many empty folder you can detect to be cleared up from your system.