There are many free screen capture software tools available in the market such as Greenshot or Lightscreen and etc but in case you are not fully satisfied with any of them, now there is another one very simple yet useful tool, named as FoxArc Screen Capture that can help you simplify the whole screen capturing process.


Basically there are only four buttons on the main interface that allows users to specify how the screen capture mode is going to be. Users can select to capture the whole Windows or Desktop screen by clicking on ‘Get Window’ or ‘Get Desktop’ button. The most useful one is the ‘Get Region’ function that allows users to customize the capture region by simply controlling the keyboard or mouse for quick snapshot whenever there is a need. Once activated ‘Get Region’ function, a coordinate will be displayed and users can mouse it to the desired position and fix it with the left button mouse click or space bar press on keyboard, followed by a mouse drag to the specific snapshot region for quick snapshot. After completion, just click on ‘Export Picture’ and users can proceed to save the snapshot into favorite formats such as jpg, png, bmp, tiff, pcx and etc.

The software utility is compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista and users can get a free download at FoxArc for immediate use.