Good news for Google Chrome user. If you have used Google Chrome web browser to login to any account before, and forgot your password out of sudden, there is one simple and yet powerful utility named ChromePass v1.00 which will to help you retrieve your password within few seconds.

ChromePass v1.0.0 is a password recovery tool which aim to recover user name and password stored by Google Chrome web browser. Just run the executable file, ChromePass.exe, it will display Origin URL, Action URL, User Name, Password and Created Time in a well designed interface. This tool allows you to save the displayed data into text, html, xml or copy to clipboard. Alternatively, you can retrieve user name and password without launching the application by typing the command line in dos prompt as shown below:

i) /stext (Save passwords into a regular text file)
ii) /stab (Save passwords into a tab-delimited text file)
iii) /scomma (Save passwords into a comma-delimited text file)
iv) /stabular (Save passwords into a tabular text file)
v) /shtml (Save passwords into HTML file in horizontal)
vi) /sverhtml (Save passwords into HTML file in vertical)
vii) /sxml (Save passwords into XML file)

By default, all menu and dialog boxes are displayed in English. However, this tool provides you the flexibility to translate them into any language as you prefer, by following below simple steps:

1) Open dos prompt, cd to the directory of ChromePass
2) Type ‘ChromePass.exe /savelangfile’ in the command prompt and press enter
3) ChromePass_lng.ini file is created in the current folder, edit this file with notepad and translate it to any language as you like, then save it.
4) Launch ChromePass.exe, you will see all menus are displayed in the language you have translated to.
5) You can restore the setting back to original by deleting or moving ChromePass_lng.ini to other folder.

This is freeware utility and come with 4 files in a package (ChromePass.exe, ChromePass.chm, ChromePass.cfg, readme.txt). It doesn’t require any installation, what user needs to do is just go to here to download this package which only consume 121KB of your hardisk space, and launch this application by executing the exe file.