Previously we mentioned about RadarSync that can update drivers and applications to the latest version automatically, but if you are looking for a lite version that can help to inspect and display all the system drivers for quick glance, you may want to try this free software utility. Named as DriverControl, it is a standalone lightweight utility that can scan all your drivers’ version, date and manufacturer and allows you to edit drivers’ settings as well as searching for updated version from the web.

The software utility is very simple and users can start up without any setup guide required. Once download the executable file, just run it (without installation required) and it will display all the drivers’ information instantly. Users can click on the respective devices to show the details such as device version, driver date and manufacturer. Besides, it allows users to edit and save driver settings. In case some devices are not working in your system or you would like to search for an updated version for specific device, just click on the Google link appeared at the bottom of the respective device menu and it will search for the related drivers via Google search engine.

DriverControl is currently in Alpha 3 version and consumes at less than 100kB, it is suitable to be used in any Windows OS (Operating System) to visualize and update latest drivers for your system.