Previously we mentioned about the way of sorting photos in chronological way using free Stamp software. That is useful in certain way when the photos storage is too messy with similar common filename mixing up. But to certain extent when there are too many photos being stored in which you can’t even remember the name or when it was taken, then the one that we will introduce here could be a better solution for you. Known as ImageSorter version 2.02, the software utility is able to arrange the photos based on its contents that makes the visual tracking of particular photos easier in one glance.


Typically, you may able to sort photos by name, file size or date, but sorting by content is something new and useful especially for those that can’t recall any of the above sorting criteria in a huge numbers of photos storage. The concept behind the ImageSorter is it is able to arrange photos based on the color similarity. So if you cannot recall the name or date of the photos taken but can roughly remember the color of the photo background, you will be able to find it quite easily after being categorized in visually organized way. Once you select the respective folders to be sorted, it will appear in thumbnail look and you can then zoom in to select the specific photo. Furthermore, it can be previewed, moved or deleted with just a single right click with the mouse control. The application is free download here. At around 11MB, it is another useful utility for fast photos searching to be installed in your PC.