Snap shot tool like Faststone Capture 6.0 on desktop or laptop in Windows OS is very useful especially when you would like to capture certain diagram to send to counterpart for discussion. It is not only able to snap shot what is being displayed on your desktop screen, but it also allows the edition on the picture with additional text or highlight on it. If you are looking one for your Windows Mobile Device, you can try this freeware. Named as GetPDAScreen 1.1, it is compatible to all Windows Mobile OS like 2003, WM5 and WM6 and can run in any Windows PC based OS such as 2000, NT and XP version.

Of course you can still use the MyMobiler v1.2 that able to duplicate the display on your desktop follow by Faststone Capture 6.0 tool to capture it, but this software utility has able to simplify the whole process. Just download it at Newmad Technologies and you are ready to go. The good thing is, you are not even required to install it either in your memory constraint mobile device or on your desktop. Just save the zip files somewhere in your desktop hard drive and you can always launch it only when necessary by clicking on the .exe file in the zip folder to launch the application. What you need is only the ActiveSync software that is used to synchronize your mobile device to desktop, either through USB cable, Bluetooth or Infra-red.

Without any fancy feature, the software tool is very straight forward with only three buttons, namely ‘Get Capture’, ‘Save Bitmap’ and ‘Copy to clipboard’. All these are self explanatory and once you synchronize to the mobile device, just click on ‘Get Capture’ button to capture whatever being displayed on the mobile device. Then select either ‘Save Bitmap’ or ‘Copy to clipboard’ to store or paste it to email to send to counterpart. Although it only supports Bitmap format, but user can easily convert to JPG file to further reduce the file size.

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