Previously we mentioned about PC Wizard 2008 that can dissect your PC system details. But if you are only interested on graphics related details and yet doesn’t want to to get the heavy software utility installed on your space hungry PC, GPU-Z can be an alternative option. GPU-Z is a powerful but yet a very simple software utility that can display all your graphics driver information in Windows PC system, ranging from software (BIOS, graphics driver) and hardware (graphics card vendor name, model) and even second level technical details such as graphics core frequency, memory bandwidth, capacity which are crucial especially for rich multimedia or gaming machines.

Basically no installation is required and what users need to do is just execute the .exe file to launch the application and it will grab all your graphics related details from your system and display them in front of your monitor screen for quick reference. Some of the useful information includes high level details such as name, vendor of the graphics card and GPU model, for instance ATI RADEON 7500 M7 besides the device ID, type of Bus Interface, Shaders, DirectX feature sets that vary from one graphics card to another. For those tech savvy users that need lower level technical specification such as the Pixel and Texture Fillrate on their system, this powerful utility will actually fill them up in nicely format display for quick glance.

In case there is a need for you to snapshot those displayed information of what graphics and video card you have in your PC system, there is a quick way to get it – just press F5 and it will save the GPU-Z in .gif file to be emailed or stored for future reference. The software utility is free for download at GPU-Z and it is compatible with all Windows PC such as Windows 2000, XP and Vista in both 32 and 64-bit versions.

Update: GPU-Z 0.3.1