The Sony PS3 has been jailbroken by GeoHot to enable installation of signed homebrew application software. Signing own homebrow apps with the leaked private root keys is a pretty technical stuff, but if you’re looking for more homebrew apps, here’s a few community made homebrews that been shared on Internet.

Homebrew apps to install on GeoHot jailbroken Sony PS3 v3.55:

  • Comgenie’s Awesome File Manager: Awesome File Manager for 3.55.rar
  • SNES9x PS3 v4.4.3 (Super Nintendo Emulator):
  • multiMAN (do not support backup or copied games): multiMAN.rar
  • PS3 FTP Server (blackb0x): ftpserver_12_byRikuKH3.rar
  • Mednafen Multi-System Emulator (supports Nintendo NES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, SEGA Master System and Game Gear): mednafen_355.pkg
  • FCEU-PS3 v1.3 (NES) Emulator: fceuPS3_1_3_fw3_55.pkg
  • GenesisPlus GX v1.1 (SEGA Genesis and Mega Drive Emulator): Genesisplus_GX_V1.1_355.pkg
  • VBA-PS3 v0.9.9 (Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Advance Emulator):
  • FBANext-PS3 (Final Burn Alpha):

To install the homebrew apps or emulators, copy the .pkg file to a USB storage device such as USB tick. Insert the USB storage device to the PS3, and under XMB Game menu, select “Install Package Files”.