When connecting to a remote computer or virtual machine that is running Windows XP through a Terminal Services session to try to open a redirected drive in Windows Explorer, the operating in very slow. User may notice that the operation to access or open remote drive takes about 15 to 20 seconds to complete, and Windows Explorer may ‘fade’ or ‘gray out’ with title bar showing Not Responding until the operating is complete when user try to perform other operations, such as clicking Search, View, or Back.

As Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 is utilizing technology of Terminal Services’ Remote Desktop Connection to host and run the virtual machine and its guest operating system, Windows XP Mode may experience the same performance issues when using shared folders or having shared folders enabled in Windows XP Mode, which is actually pre-activated copy of Windows XP Professional pre-installed with RAIL QFE for Windows XP to enable RemoteApp, or any virtual machine hosted by Windows Virtual PC installed with Windows XP.

The issue affects only guest VM running Windows XP Professional. Microsoft has released a hotfix KB972435 to patch and fix the slow performance issue when accessing remote shared drive or redirected drive. The hotfix is not available for download directly, and user will need to submit request to Microsoft Customer Service and Support to obtain the hotfix. Or else, download the KB972435 update packages using download links below.

Note that the hotfix is to install on guest operating system or remote system running Windows XP, and not the host computer that is accessing it.

Download KB972435 HotFix Update Package

English: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-ENU.exe
Korean: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-KOR.exe
Dutch: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-NLD.exe
Norwegian: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-NOR.exe
Hungarian: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-HUN.exe
Italian: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-ITA.exe
Japanese: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-JPN.exe
Swedish: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-SVE.exe
Turkish: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-TRK.exe
Chinese (Traditional): WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-CHT.exe
Polish: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-PLK.exe
Portuguese: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-PTG.exe
Russian: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-RUS.exe
Chinese (Simplified): WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-CHS.exe
Czech: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-CSY.exe
Danish: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-DAN.exe
German: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-DEU.exe
Arabic: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-ARA.exe
Brazilian: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-PTB.exe
Finnish: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-FIN.exe
French: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-FRA.exe
Hebrew: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-HEB.exe
Greek: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-ELL.exe
Spanish: WindowsXP-KB972435-x86-ESN.exe